• Increases the shear strength on non-threaded cylindrical metal assemblies
  • Fills voids between close-fitting metal assemblies
  • Creates a solid one-piece assemblies
  • Seals joints against leakage
  • Prevents corrosion
  • UV / Black-light indicator

Kem Vibra – TITE Anaerobic Retaining Compounds are designed to increase shear strength on non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies. The liquid anaerobic material fills voids between close-fitting metal assemblies. It cures to a toughened thermoset-plastic which creates a solid one piece assembly. Retaining compounds seal joints against leakage and prevent corrosion. These materials have gained wide acceptance as a standard method for assembling press-fit and slip-fitted parts.

Datasheets ( TDS )

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Product NameTechnical Data Sheet
Kem Vibra-TITE 530Low Viscosity General Purpose Retaining Compound
Kem Vibra-TITE 538 High Strength Retaining Compound
Kem Vibra-TITE 541High Strength Retaining Compound
Kem Vibra-TITE 546Impact Resistant Reatining Compound
Kem Vibra-TITE 548Medium Viscosity High Strength Retaining Compound