What is a thread locker?

Threadlockers are materials which are applied to threaded fasteners to prevent them from loosening. There are many different types, but typically they fall into three categories; anaerobic locking, vibration dampening, or prevailing torque generating. Anaerobic adhesives are applied to fasteners, then installed into a mating part (typically metal) which causes it to cure and lock in place. Vibration dampening compounds are applied to the fastener then cured. Once installed, they act like a shock absorber, isolating the fasteners relative movement from the assembly and preventing it from losing clampload.

How do anaerobic adhesives work?

Two conditions must be met for an anaerobic material to cure.

1) Absence of air. 2) Contact with metal ions.

Loose fitting parts along with non-reactive metals like stainless steel can reduce a products’effectiveness. In some cases primers can be used to counteract these negative effects. Once applied to a metal part and installed, the material begins to harden due to an absence of air. Over time the anaerobic liquid cures to a tough 100% solid thermo-set plastic, locking and or sealing the part in place.

What are the different types of Torques?

Break away torque is the measured Torque when a fastener has not been fully seated. Break-loose torque is the measured Torque when a fastener has been fully seated. Prevailing Torque is the measured torque for the first 360° of rotation after break away.

What is“Reactive Thread Locking”?

The term reactive is used to describe a material that undergoes a chemical reaction after activation (usually though installation of the part in a mating assembly).

What is“Inert Thread Locking”and Prevailing Torque?

Inert thread locking involves the application of inert plastics to the screw. Applied materials such as Nylon become compressed during installation to provide a frictional resistance to loosening. The torque required to overcome this frictional resistance is called prevailing torque.

How do I choose which type of product I need ?

Each fastener assembly is unique and thus it is recommended you contact our experienced sales ENGINEERS team so that we can work with you to find the best materials. If you’re looking for a comparable product to something already in use it is recommended you contact our experienced sales ENGINEERS team for detailed understanding to offer perfect product. Or write us on email info@chembondadhesives.com’

What are the costs involved ?

The cost is dependent upon the size and quantity of the fastener.

How product recommendation is done for specific purpose ?

Just send a quotation request to the info@chembondadhesives.com’ and they can help you out.

Technical information on application areas, service conditions, shelf life ?

Refer product data-sheets available on our website. For more information write or call us directly.

Purchase point ?

Kem Vibra-Tite products can be purchased through an industrial distributor or directly from us.

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